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Are you looking for the best solvent cleaner to fix all your needs in a second? Look no further than PWD Super Rush 30 ml. This limited edition offer from one of the best recognized isobutyl nitrite solvent cleaners brands on the market packs heat that will exceed your wildest dreams and make you come back for more over and over again. Apart from being a highly efficient solvent cleaner, PWD Super Rush 30 ml has a very distinct and stimulating fragrance, which only add up to the overall effects of the cleaning done with its help. Due to this aroma, there are people out there who actually inhale the concoction much in the fashion in which they do with Amyl Nitrite, or “poppers” as they are more widely known. Note that to buy poppers online is not legal and we do not encourage it.

PWD Super Rush 30 ml has an improved formula that comes with extra strength – a real rush of adrenaline will be the result of you popping open a bottle of this powerful concoction and getting down on your knees to do some heavy duty cleaning. Due to the high concentration of this isobutyl nitrite product, it should be handled with care by newcomers to the field of solvent cleaners. Veteran users will find it easy to assess just how potent it actually is. PWD Super Rush 30 ml has the potential to become your all time favorite cleaning product, so do not miss your chance to get it on a special price from our website.


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