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You know how you can get tired of listening to a song that you like if you play it on repeat for too long? Well, that can also happen with cleaning solvents. If you stick to just one cleaner, you will eventually get so tired of its smell and of its effects that you may lose your appetite for it. That is why there is such a thing as a remix and PWD Super Rush 10ml is the remix of PWD RUSH. For many years and even today, the term poppers has been used in a rather inappropriate manner. There have been all sorts of myths related to those products. The commercial sale of poppers has been prohibited and some of the people who want to buy poppers have found beauty in solvent cleaners. We, however, sell our products not for personal but only for commercial use.

Even though PWD RUSH is a great cleaning concoction, it has been around for such a long time that even its die-hard fans have started to secretly crave something a bit more intense, refreshing and durable. Luckily, PWD Super Rush 10ml is here to deliver that cleaning fix to you. It is more powerful than its big brother but still offers a comforting sense of familiarity. That makes this amazing Isobutyl Nitrite Solvent Cleaner a great choice for those who are willing to embrace the latest tendencies in cleaning.

PWD Super Rush 10ml sticks to a good old potent formula only a much stronger one. Buy it if you feel in a mood for some rough cleaning.


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