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Pac West Distributing is a legendary cleaning brand that has produced many legendary nitrite solvent cleaners. Without a doubt, however, greatest of them is PWD RUSH 30ml. This cleaning product uses an extra strength formula and it was first introduced on the mass market a few decades ago. It continues to be a true celebrity among cleaning solvents and, thanks to it, you will have the opportunity to get a VIP cleaning treatment. This is a product that has a very special and super-strong aroma. Customers who seek poppers for sale have also noticed that. They are looking to buy poppers online because they want to increase the pleasure that they get out of more intimate pastime activities which they practice in the bedroom. However, the many untrue stories about poppers have put a stigma on them. As a result, we only offer our products as cleaning solvents.

PWD RUSH 30ml’s history goes way back and the fact that it still has a strong and loyal fanbase is beyond impressive. However, the great fame of this potent Isobutyl Nitrite Solvent Cleaner comes with certain consequences the most unpleasant of which are the many cleaning firms that try to imitate the greatness of PWD RUSH. If you want to get the original product and not a fake one, make sure it comes in a bright-yellow bottle that has a big thunderbolt and the PWD logo on its label.

We sell the real PWD RUSH 30ml. Therefore, if you buy this strong cleaning solvent through us, you are guaranteed to stay away from fake cleaning products.


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