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If you are about to head on a vacation somewhere in the tropics, make sure you take Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml with you. A true fan of cleaning knows that even when on a holiday, one must not turn their back to their cleaning chores. And since the tropics are a popular destination for cleaning enthusiasts, you will need to arm yourself with the platinum-labeled edition of Jungle Juice. Here’s an interesting tidbit of information – poppers is a slang word that has been inaccurately used in reference to Amyl Nitrite. As a result, poppers were banned in the U.S. in 1988. People who buy poppers, rely on them to intensify their sexual experiences. The products available on this site are Isobutyl Nitrite Solvent Cleaners and, since we are a company that abides the law, we offer them only as cleaning solvents.

You do not need to leave the comfort of your home in order to use Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml. This is a universal yet quite unique nitrite solvent cleaner which comes handy in all sorts of cleaning scenarios. Therefore, if you are planning to invite some cleaning company over, keep this potent cleaner nearby.

Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml is an effective solvent cleaner that is of a premium quality. That is why it rocks the platinum label. Nevertheless, we can help you stock up your nightstand with this greatness at a remarkably low price. Don’s miss the chance to own your very own platinum Jungle Juice cleaning solvent – order it now.


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