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Are you ready to turn cleaning into a samba dance? Brazil 10ml will help you move your hips like a professional dancer at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro when you are performing your cleaning duties. This exceptionally strong solvent cleaner will do something that not many cleaners can – it will give you an adrenaline boost but at the same time it will relax your muscles so that you can lose yourself in the moment of cleaning. After the sale of poppers online was prohibited due to the misinformation regarding the character and qualities of this product, many people have rediscovered the impressive effects of solvents cleaners like Brazil. Although the cleaning solvents we sell contain nitrites they are free of Amyl Nitrite – a chemical that is falsely believed to be the same thing as poppers. We are a company that abides the law and we sell our concoctions as solvent cleaners.

Brazil is home to people of various cultures that is why Brazil 10ml is an energizing Nitrite Solvent Cleaner appears to a wide range of cleaning enthusiasts. Therefore, no matter whether you prefer to slow dance when you clean or whether you like to burn the dancefloor with your partner, this one-of-a-kind cleaning solvent will give you exactly what you are craving for.

Brazil 10ml will add some smoothness to your cleaning but it will also make the whole experience much more enjoyable for you and for your cleaning partner. Inspired by this hot South American country, this top-of-the-shelf cleaner will make you feel passionate about cleaning again.


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