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Blue Boy 10ml is part of the family of solvent cleaners and by extension a reliable tool in your kit of cleaning solutions. For someone who wants to keep an order around their house, it does not come as a surprise that being able to carry this task quickly and efficiently is as much matter of expertise as it is a matter of having the right soluble that will tackle obdurate stains. Shift your cleaning game into gear, because Blue Boy 10ml is here to disperse the cleaning blues. Your designated area will shine with incomparable glamour. Whether a garage has been piling up heaps of old, metallic parts or your home needs a good wash, Blue Boy 10ml has you covered.

Now, it is easy to catch a sniff of the potent stuff when you are scrubbing around the place, so watch out! Some people may wrongly use it as poppers. Poppers, though, are hazardous products and we do not recommend using this product as such. Rather, stick to the labelled and designated use of Blue Boy 10ml. Mind, you need not have all the fun by yourself. Call a friend up and bring out a mop. Soak it in Blue Boy 10ml and see it penetrate even the remotest and tinniest nookie without a hitch. Having both you and your friend pick the place clean is enjoyable and you can always find a way to add more oomph to your time together. Cleaning has never been more fun!


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