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With Amsterdam Platinum 10ml, you will be the bane of all germs and stains at your household. The product may also be used to scrub off rust from pipes. This isobutyl nitrite will help you sort out any mess at home and you will never have to worry about a thing. A powerful and fragrant chemical formula tackles the obstinate and pesky dirt throughout the house. All cleaning experts recommend this cleaning solvent as one of the top choices when heavy guns are required to guarantee the immaculate look of the household.

With the powerful aromatic concoction that is Amsterdam Platinum 10ml, you will achieve all your desired effects and you will not even need to use up too much of that! The substance helps you with all your urges – cleaning or otherwise. Whimsically enough people turn to cleaning solvents because of amyl nitrite. In common slang, amyl nitrite is known as poppers. The powerful smell of Amsterdam Platinum 10ml is fetching. However, we are legally advised to tell you that we do not sell Amsterdam Platinum 10ml as poppers.

If you want to clean and have fun, you may want to call up a buddy. Having someone to help you wipe out with your mop and show you the spots you may have missed is always a big help. Enjoy yourself with a few drops of Amsterdam Platinum 10ml and the company of a good friend. Scrubbing the dirt has never been easy. Probe the tiny nooks and crannies and listen to your partner’s advice.


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